About us


I am a single mom of two incredibly terrific teenagers.

I love and cherish life. All I want to do is help, even when it puts a strain onto my life. My heart is huge and is mostly made to give love to children and pets in all walks of life.

I walk with God by my side every day. I would not have all that I currently do without God having a hand in everything. I feel blessed and grateful every moment I open my eyes to a new day.


Angel is a 16-year-old young lady. Angel is in 10th grade with incredible grades. Angel attends online classes and really enjoys her teachers and classmates.

Angel is a very hard worker and once she sets her mind to something she makes sure to put her all into everything that she sets out to accomplish.

Angel is interested in becoming a veterinarian when she grows up. Currently Angel is starting her own business with Pet Care Services.

These days, kids have become warped into gaming, social media and doing illegal things. Angel is cautious with her friend's circle and those she lets in due to the bad influence they might have on her. Angel has an incredible head on her shoulders.

*I am absolutely proud of the young lady Angel has become and it warms my heart to watch her follow her dreams no matter how tough it may become. *


Dallas is a 19-year-old male. Dallas graduated when covid hit the US and shut everything down on his 18th birthday.

Dallas has strong life goals and is starting his business doing odds and end errands locally.

Dallas enjoys puzzles, rubiks cubes, Magic the Gathering, Settlers of Catan, Chess and anything brain challenging! Dallas currently has almost every single kind, type, shape and color rubiks cube out there.

When Dallas was little, he was hit by a car while crossing the street and was diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Dallas has come a far way since then and has beaten the odds.

*Dallas has a heart of gold and I couldn't be prouder of the young man he has become. I pray his dreams take him beyond his wildest thoughts. *

God works in amazing ways and you cannot give up on your dreams, wishes or ideas. Put it in God's hands and if it's meant to happen to you, it will! Have Trust and Faith.